Gresford Under 11's Vs H Park

Date 20 May 2019
Team Gresford Under 11's
Opposition H Park
Fixture Away
Venue HGW
Start time 18:00
Result L
Match Report

Gresford Vs Hawarden

2nd game of the season and Gresford were up against a tough opponent.
Playing away Gresford were to bat first and sent in to begin the innings was non other than Sam R and Joe F. The boys set out well, both trusting there instincts and playing safe cricket. With no wickets lost Gresford were off to a steady and confident start. Sam used his height well getting to the pitch of the ball reading the line excellently, nudging a few cheeky singles in the process aswell. Joe likewise batted with real finesse, following through his bat swing to keep track of the ball and where the fielders were placed.
The openers started the ball rolling which the next two boys needed to continue. Christian and Siddant took to the middle looking to continue building up an innings. Christian starred with the bat stringing together an abundance of superb shots in which the bowler had little response for. The clever batting saw more runs added to the board. Siddant held up his end against some attacking fast bowling. Making sure his calling was loud allowed for the duo to run between the wickets well.
Pair three had to steady the ship, Gresford were falling behind the target set due to some accurate bowling. The pressure fell on the shoulders of Ben P and Gus, Ben showed great maturity as he settled into his rhythm to stabilize the innings. Bat followed pad in what was some great defensive work which began to turn into 1s and 2s. Gus followed Ben’s lead fantastically using his strength on the off side to punch the gaps and tot up some more runs. Allowing his total with the bat to creep up.

Final pairing of the evening Josh and James had lots of work to do. Both batted strongly to finish the innings on a high. The shot of the day came from James C who connected big with a leg side pull shot crashing the ball over the boundary line, this was followed up with more strong leg sided shots to increase the scoreboard tally. Josh played a confident role also hitting some great mid wicket drives forcing the fielders to spread out as he took advantage of the space to run quick ones and twos.

The innings had drawn to an end and with Gresford posting 192 the work with the ball needed to be up to the mark.
Opening the bowling this week was Siddant, approaching the crease with speed Gresfords innings started fast, a solid first over complimented with no runs off the bat which led to a wicket in Sids second over.

Christian bowled well and earnt himself a crucial 3rd over of bowling. His overs were consistent and accurate, taking a wicket in his first and keeping the runs down in his 2 overs that followed.
Hawarden were already ahead of the run rate, Gresford needed to strike with some wickets of there own.

That job fell into the hands of Gus next. Straight away Gus found his mark and was rewarded with a wicket off his second ball. This was assisted by tight bowling lines and great fielding to keep the game alive.

Skipper Ben took charge with the ball next adjusting his field for off side bowling. A great decision which saw another Hawarden wicket fall, along with some close misses Ben's overs were key in Gresfords fight back.

Sam was aiming to repeat that of previous weeks, keeping the ball on the stumps. He did just that making it hard for any runs to be scored, over number 1 was tight with only 3 runs from it, and his second over was even better bowling a maiden in a tense situation.

Joe Fergus was waiting in the wings and set to work fast, resuming the accurate bowling of Gresfords attempt to get back into the game. 12 balls with just the one wide made for some impressive figures. Concentration was on accuracy and not speed a wise move indeed.

Last to turn there arm over was James C after a strong performance with the bat James was ready to find his line. Over number one was consistent and on the money, this was repeated in over number 2 in which James was unlucky not to get a wicket, another solid bowling performance.

Gresford kept working right to the end of the game. Unfortunately the opposition took the upper hand taking 8 wickets in there spell winning the game.
Another good Gresford performance with the ball kept the team in the game right to the end.
Well done boys.
Player of the match was awarded to Christian bowling some great lines assisted with a handy batting partnership led the way for Gresford.

Name Squad number Position Runs Dismissed Wickets Overs bowled Runs conceded