Gresford Under 11's Vs Chirk/Bersham

Date 22 July 2019
Team Gresford Under 11's
Opposition Chirk/Bersham
Fixture Home
Venue Clappers Lane
Start time 18:00
Result W
Match Report

The 22nd July brought with it another perfect day for cricket and as the evening crept in the Gresford players and spectators began to arrive. Chirk the opponents, and with Gresford playing their second home game on the bounce they looked to secure victory number 5 of the season.

Josh Tifase took charge of a 10 man Gresford squad for the evening, motivating his players the home team took to the field with focus and determination.

Opening up the bowling from the pavilion end Sam Richardson found his mark from the off, sliding the ball out of the top of his hand Sam changed the line of the ball each time he reached the stumps. The Chirk batsmen struggled to find any sort of rhythm as they battled against the swing. Sam finished his spell for 6 runs including 6 dot balls with his latter of his overs going for 1 run, a fine start that Gresford needed to continue.

Feeling up to that task Josh Renouf took the new ball in hand, a wicket maiden was to follow. The flight on the ball and accuracy of each delivery left the batting side all at sea as Josh homed in on his target. Building pressure throughout the over led Chirk to take risks with the bat, calling for quick singles which weren’t there to take eventually resulted in the first wicket of the match. Josh’s figures read- one over with no runs of the bat and an all-important wicket to swing the pendulum in Gresford’s favour. Outstanding work.

Harry Williams was getting his 2019 Gresford campaign underway, and like always soaked up the pressure with ease. The cool and collecting Harry made a positive impression on the match with his first over bowling great lines led to just the one run coming from the bat. Harry looked to push on with over number 2, finding success on the off stump once more Harry set to work pinning the batsman in his crease, then CRACK the sound of Gresford stumps being struck was heard across the ground as Harry bagged Gresford another wicket for the evening. 2 fantastic overs going for just 1 run was just what the doctor ordered. 

Gresford were beginning to settle in a game which was finely poised, the bowling had been flawless so far meaning those to come had high standards to continue.

Confident he could do just that Joe Fergus loosened up his bowling arm and was given the go ahead for his spell. Gathering momentum throughout Joe whistled ball past bat time and time again. The outstanding length saw the batsmen get on the front foot in hope of keeping the ball off their stumps. Near misses were followed by tentative strokes as Joe’s over drew to an end. Brushing the stumps on more than one occasion Joe was unlucky not to get a wicket but he had done the job for his team. Economical bowling was more important at this stage of the game and with just 1 run coming from his spell Joe had done that and more.

Fielding at mid-on Hector knew his spell was next, watching those before bowling superb lines meant the pressure was on for those left. Hector Ghattas got to work showing no signs of nerves, relaxing into his over from the off saw yet another great spell completed from Gresford’s bowling attack. Creating a perfect relationship with wicket keeper Ben, Hector put ball into gloves delivery after delivery as he focused in on the job at hand. Getting through his spell with speed meant the batting side had little time to gather their thoughts resulting in just one run being scored off the bat in Hectors overs.

Wicket keeper/ bowler Josh Tifase wanted to get his over done and dusted so he could focus on his work behind the stumps. Hard work in training pays off as Josh demonstrated in what followed, changing up his line and length each delivery made for some exciting bowling. The Chirk batsmen had no response for such a varied over of pace. Keeping everyone on their toes Josh bowled a tight spell with no runs coming off the bat helping Gresford in their quest to restrict the runs. Josh continued his great work behind the stumps providing an excellent backstop for the bowlers to come, using his feet well he positioned himself under each ball that squeezed through to ensure a dot ball was bowled.

Reaching the half way stage things were looking good for the Gresford 10. 8 overs down with 219 on the scoreboard.

With this Gus propelled the innings forward further with 2 exceptional overs of bowling. The young medium pacer got to work early extending Gresford’s press on the opposition. Setting his field with precision allowed Gus to bowl to his strength outside the off stump. Saving his best to last Gus joined together a well thought out last over which consequently saw no runs from the bat or extras. This together with an excellent first over led Gus’s figures to 3 runs from 2 overs another superb Gresford performance with the ball.

Ticking off his 9th bowling performance of the year was Siddant, stunning the Chirk batting side with shear pace Sid zipped the ball straight onto middle stump first delivery, no loosener required here! That wasn’t enough for Sid though as 3rd ball bowled followed in the same fashion sending the stumps tumbling. First over bowled wicket maiden to his name Sid was keen to go again. After what must have seemed an eternity Sid was given the ball the shout once more. Picking up from over number one Sid was straight back on his line pestering the batting side, 2nd ball in and Sid was at it again adding yet another wicket to his tally.

After wicket keeping for the first half of the game Ben took the ball to show his multitude of talents. Filed set check, run up check, home in on the stumps check. The final one of which was executed with real aggression. Ben stormed in towards the crease released the ball and following through all in a blur. Homing in on his target the ball whistled past the bat off stump and into the keeper’s hands time and time again. Finally Ben found what he was searching for that illusive wicket linking together a pressurized over paid off 5th ball as the batting side cracked under the spot light.

Adding more good news to the scorecard Christian wasted no time in making his intentions clear. Bowling the 8th over of the game Christian’s line was rewarded 5th ball with a wicket knocking back the off peg in the process. Building from this Christian was given the task of finishing the game off. With his confidence high Christian led the Gresford team over the finish line skidding the ball through to the welcoming gloves of Josh’s ending his evening with 2 overs 1 wicket 2 runs statistics that were reflected by the rest of the team.

7 wickets down and with extras kept to a minimum the Gresford side had done all they could with the ball. The total stood at 227 a target which the home side were confident they could reach

Half time break done batting pairs sorted we were off again.

Facing the first 3 overs were Joe and Hector. The pair listened to their instructions well getting Gresford off to a steady start. 207 from the first 4 overs a great start and with just the one wicket lost this was the start Gresford needed. Hector distributed the ball through the off side with ease nicking the single rotating the strike with positivity, switching from back to front foot proved successful as the runs ticked over. Joe kept out Chirk’s finest using his text book front foot block to confidently see the ball out, taking the opportunity on the wider delivery to throw hands and score runs.

Talking tactics on the side lines Sam and Christian studied the bowling before putting their plan into action. The 4 overs went smoothly with no wickets lost and boundaries seized upon Gresford accelerated further to 219. Sam positioned himself well to deal with anything that drifted down leg, taking his chances Sam jumped on the wide one splitting the leg side field in half. After a few solid attempts Sam got his just reward powering the ball through for 4. Christian did most of his evenings work on the off side, picking up the length of the delivery well Christian made sure he got to the pitch of the ball. Timing was excellent as he creamed the bowler through the covers for 4 extra runs.

Batting for the first time this season Harry took centre stage with Josh Tifase. Putting on 32 monstrous runs the duo set the evening alight with some IPL style batting. Harry reached double figures finishing on 14 runs exploding on to the Gresford scene. Swinging the bat hard he connected with 3 heavy shots that sent everyone ducking all resulting in 4 runs! An outstanding innings well done. Josh T kept the pace going showing a wide range of shots in the process. Charging towards the ball controlling the bat Josh executed 5 marvellous 4s on his way to 23 runs. This paired up with taking the quick single on the good ball led the boys to an extremely successful display of batting.

With the damage done and Gresford ahead the nerve racking task of staying in the lead was left to the final 2 pairs. First to take on that challenge was Sid and Josh Renouf taking the side to 268 in their 3 overs, Impressive batting indeed. Sid used his body well positioning himself under the ball to send pull shot after pull shot racing towards the boundary, this linked together with some well executed cut shots saw Siddant move onto 10 runs. Josh Renouf also in his first competitive match of the season made things look just as easy. Using good hand speed he finessed the ball into the outfield sprinting the quick single and returning for the second where possible great running and intelligent batting.

Finishing off proceedings and taking the team over the 300 thresh hold was Gus and Ben. The batting partnership was great, communication fantastic and shots fierce. Ben took the first look at the bowler finding his way into the game doing the right thing nudging and running. After a couple of warm up shots Ben got to work scoring 18 fast runs, 16 of which served up in boundaries, exquisite innings led by some technical shots great to watch. Gus eased 2 balls over the boundary line himself playing the shot of the match leaning over an off side ball directing it through the covers for 4 showing that power isn’t always needed.

The innings was at an end and WOW what a performance that was. Gresford finishing on 302 runs loosing just 2 wickets. Excellent bowling backing up with a masterclass with the bat.

Player of the match-

Tough one indeed!! But playing in his first match this season bowling two tight overs and reaching double figures well done Harry today.

Name Squad number Position Runs Dismissed Wickets Overs bowled Runs conceded