Gresford Under 11's Vs Buckley

Date 1 July 2019
Team Gresford Under 11's
Opposition Buckley
Fixture Home
Venue Clappers Lane
Start time 18:00
Result W
Match Report

Monday evening means one thing in Gresford under 11s match night! This week’s fixture was shaping up nicely Gresford Vs Buckley, 4th Vs 5th, T16 blast time!!

Gresford turned up in there droves as the spectators took prime seats to watch the nights events unfold. The Buckley contingency was present as they eagerly awaiting the first ball of the evening.

As home games dictate Gresford were to bowl first, skipper for the day Siddant set about his work creating a barrier of Gresford players to pose a challenge for the incoming batsmen.

Sam loosened up ready to attack the crease with the first ball of the game, behind the stumps for the evening none other than Ben Pold. Sam’s first over got the ball rolling for the home team, bowling to an off side field Sam maintained good line and length giving away just 4 runs from the bat. His second over resumed with excellent bowling, no wides and three dot balls sent a message to Buckley batsmen that the evening wasn’t going to be a walk in the park.

Eagar to start his campaign off for the evening was Christian and after some warming up in the field he was ready to take the new ball in hand. With the good start Gresford had made Christian looked to strike against the visiting side, fifth ball in and Christian got his wish taking top of middle stump out, the constant barrage of pace and accuracy led Christian to impressive figures 2 overs 1 wicket 5 runs.

Skipper Siddant elected to start the next spell of bowling off for the Gresford side and after a steady start Sid began to find his rhythm. With just the one run coming off the bat in his first over Sid maintained Gresford’s pressure. Over number two saw a battle of wits between Sid and Buckley’s best bat, as the ball sailed over the boundary Sid stayed calm and planned his reply executing it with precision. Gresford’s performance with the ball was making for an interesting game about to unfold.

Gus partnered up with his wicketkeeper well throughout his spell as he bowled ball after ball straight into Ben’s hands. The need for runs increased as Gus continued to turn the screw frustrating the batsmen who were struggling to get the ball away. The endless bombardment on the off stump bowling was rewarded as Gus bagged Gresford another wicket for the evening. Spell complete 2 overs one wicket 4 runs.

As the half way point of the innings was reached Buckley had posted a score of 219 for 3, with 8 overs still left to bowl Gresford needed to continue to swing the momentum there way.

The next few overs would be vital in seeing who would take the upper hand, Joe was the player selected to stand in Buckley’s way next. If his first over was anything to go by Gresford scored the first blow, no runs of the bat with a tide turning wicket ball number 4. This was replicated in his second over as tensions started to build, another relaxed over with just one run from the bat and a wicket to make for some incredible figures 2 overs 1 run scored 2 wickets, a superb performance under great pressure.

Josh looked ready for the task at hand approaching the stumps with purpose as he fired down over number 1. And fired down it was as Buckley struggled to make contact with the ball. Josh didn’t wait long to stamp his print on proceedings, ball number 2 crashed through the stumps as Josh took out off stump. Continuing in the same light Mr Tifase sent missile after missile at the batsmen in his two over spell.

An outstanding fielding performance had already got Jess’s evening off to a positive start, now time to shine with the ball! Her first over was one of the best of the match with just one wide bowled the rest of the deliveries caused havoc as they arrived at their destination down the other end of the pitch. Over number 2 was going to be a challenge penultimate over of the game and Buckley were given the go ahead to tee off. Jess kept a tight reign over proceedings keeping her head she found her mark and bowled to her field making for a fantastic spell of bowling.

Arguably the hardest task fell to James last on to bowl and left with the last over of the game in his second over, the heat was raising! James took to the job at hand like a duck to water, over number one as cool as a cucumber one wicket 4 dot balls and one wide outstanding start. Over number 2 was going to pose more of a test as Buckley went all out to damage the scoreboard as much as possible but like those before him James relied on his fielders to stop the ball and keep the runs down.

Once again the bowling performance can’t be complete without a special mention to all-rounder Ben Pold, a super job behind the stumps getting his hands on crucial deliveries that may have otherwise gone for 4. Well done.

Buckley posted 266 for 5, a game which was turning out to be one to remember for a long time to come!

Gresford needed to bat strong, not loose many wickets and punish the bad ball to stay in touching distance of the score posted by the visiting team.

Sent in to do just that was the double J, Jess and Joe. Joe faced first and done exactly what was asked of him, ‘get your eye in and block anything on the stumps’. His defensive work was faultless as he saw out 3 tricky overs, even finding time to squeeze in a few quick singles to get Gresford on the scoreboard. Jess mirrored that of Joe’s start and came up with a masterclass of her own, watching the ball onto the bat, reading the line excellently Jess powered through the wide ball scoring 2 nice singles. The innings was topped off with a contender for shot of the game a well-timed, well-executed leg side glance seeing more runs added to the board.  The pair had started the game amazingly no wickets lost and 10 runs on the board gave Gresford the leg up they needed.

Siddant shared the crease with Jess and Joe batting overs with both. He shone on the back foot leathering anything short of a length with speed and power across the boundary line. Connecting with two destructive 4s Sid crept onto 10 runs himself, the skipper had performed well setting the standard with Jess and Joe for the others to follow.

Walking out discussing tactics for the next 4 overs was James and Christian, the pair looked to have worked out a plan which they set out to execute with precision. James had the first say using fast hands a good co-ordination he effortlessly creamed the ball through the off side stating his intent from the first ball. James continued in this fashion for the remained of his innings, getting to the ball early making his batting a joy to watch, finishing on 9 runs. Christian found success through backward point as he waited for the ball using his fast hands to feather the ball between fielders crafting 1s and 2s with ease. Looking confident and calm Christian continued to rotate the strike for the 4 overs ensuring that the runs kept ticking over. Another outstanding partnership taking Gresford to 235 for the loss of no wickets.

Pairing number 3 set the fireworks alight as they entered the picture. Only a few balls in and the boys had both made their intent known. Sam finding his drive early on looked to capitalise on the short bowling, leaning back and driving the ball through mid-wicket scoring his first 4 of the season, this was paired up nicely with some sensible batting making for his most profitable innings of the season so far with no wickets lost scoring 10 runs. Josh added to the duo’s damaging innings, taking a more direct approach dancing down the crease to meet the ball a clever move to take as he demolished 3 balls for 4. This was paired up with some creative running adding precious runs to Gresford’s total, as Josh topped the batting tally with 14 runs. 12 overs down and Gresford were just ahead of the run rate scoring 270 runs with the loss of just one wicket, it was going to be a nail biting end to a fascinating game.

Sent in to finish of the innings for Gresford was Ben and Gus, Ben took the honours of facing the first ball showing fantastic front foot defensive work not letting Buckley’s best bowlers have a shot at his stumps. Ben showed tremendous all round cricket as he transformed from defence to attack in a blink of an eye turning 1s into 4s finishing on 8 runs. Gus had a formidable job facing some of the best bowling we will see this season, finding his feet early Gus set about showing his intent on the off side clipping the ball and running quick singles an excellent decision seeing as Gresford were ahead of the run rate. This sensible batting saw Gus add safe runs to the Gresford score and they brought the game home for the team.

A close encounter indeed.

Buckley 266-5

Gresford 277-3

An 11 run win for the home team. Well done to everyone who played all contributing equally to a fantastic team performance.

Player of the match- Probably the hardest decision to make all season as all players had a right to their hands on the medal, but due to some good captaincy skills, taking the game to Buckley with the ball and scoring some lovely attacking shots with the bat, well done Siddant this week!

Name Squad number Position Runs Dismissed Wickets Overs bowled Runs conceded