Gresford Under 11's Vs Malpas

Date 13 May 2019
Team Gresford Under 11's
Opposition Malpas
Fixture Home
Venue Clappers Lane
Start time 18:00
Result W
Match Report

Wales Vs England, Gresford Vs Malpas, derby day!

Gresford took to the field first on what was a picturesque evening. With sun shining down on the Gresford wicket Gus was given the important task of the first over of the game and the season.

Setting about his task Gus fired down the first over which was met with tough resistance from the opposition. Keeping his nerve under pressure Gus persisted at his game and was well rewarded in his second over. Taking 2 wickets and silencing the batsmen to just one run. Line and length gave the batsmen little room to manoeuvre as Gus started the season campaign off to a cracker.

Handed the new ball next was the youngest player in the team Sid, determined to show that age isn’t everything Sid bowled 3 overs of fast swing making the batsmen play on the back foot. Ball after ball whizzed past the Malpas bats as Sid destroyed the wickets on 3 occasions, making for a fantastic spell of bowling. No wides and only 10 runs scored ensured Gresford continued to pile on the pressure.

First change of bowling was none other than Mr James Cook, over number one saw James get straight into the game as he found his area from ball number 1. The consistent bowling paid dividence as James took a wicket in his first spell leading to him being selected to bowl the penultimate over of the game, and what an over it was adding yet another wicket to his tally. No extras given away kept the ball rolling for Gresford.

The game was shaping up nicely, but there was still work to do. Christian marked out his run up for the 4th over of the game. Two mirrored overs made for some great figures, as Christian used his action to skid the ball straight into the wicket keepers hands time and time again. Another Gresford spell which saw hard work pay off, 2 more wickets were added to Gresford tally.

Hector Ghattas made sure he got in on the Gresford bowling bonanza taking a wicket with his first ball of the game setting the standard for his 2 over spell. Hector continued his work ball after ball making life difficult for the batsmen drying up the runs his confident bowling was echoed with his statistics only 3 runs being scored from the Malpas batsmen, another well bowled spell from Gresford.

Pressure was being built well by the standard of bowling, which meant that the remaining bowlers needed to follow suite. Sam Richardson was the player selected for a spell of bowling. Not disappointing Sam continued the theme of the day accurate deliveries were sent down to the batsmen to deal with. The continued barrage was too much to defend as Sam struck gold with 2 wickets just a ball apart in over number one. The second of Sam’s overs continued in the same fashion homing in on the stumps again and again.

The last of the bowlers waiting in the wings was Ben Pold, eager to impress Ben stormed in for his first ball of the season zipping it through to Josh. Second ball resulted in a well-timed wicket with his 2 overs going for just 2 runs, another fantastic spell where the pace was too much for the opposing batsmen. No wides or no balls saw Ben bag some of the best figures of the day.

The innings can’t go without a special mention to Josh Tifase who led the Gresford team from behind the stumps, a tough task with the standard of bowling coming towards him. Diving, rolling and jumping Josh put his body on the line ball after ball ensuring that runs were kept to a minimum. Some great advice was handed out to the rest of team from the young wicket keeper. Keeping everyone on their toes.

Gresford finished the innings off as they had started keeping Malpas on the back foot for the majority of the overs. Malpas posted a total of 211 for the Welsh boys to chase down.

After a small break, and pairs sorted Gresford took to the field once more this time with bats in hand. The daunting task of opening the batting fell to Ben and Hector as the pair looked to get the home side off to a flyer.

Ben faced first and kept out some great bowling, sneaking in a quick single to give Hector the strike, who likewise knew to protect his stumps putting bat to ball blocking the Malpas assault away. Ben’s strength for the day was the leg side as he made use of the width the bowlers provided, cracking two fours straight out of the middle of the bat. Hector looked as solid as a rock as he nudged the ball into the outfield rotating the strike extremely well keeping the score board ticking. Crucially not losing a wicket in the process.

The duo started well 211 from 4 overs something that the team could now build on.

Second pair out James and Christian, after an anxious start the boys began to feel their way into the game. Christian putting to use fast feet positioning himself well to create angles for the shot, allowing him to place the ball in-between fielders. James got onto the front foot early a wise move which saw the batsman rewarded with a fabulous 4 off the legs, this was followed by front foot drives and leg sided glances. Both boysutilised there overs well, knowing that Gresford were ahead on the scorecards they only lost the one wicket between them a sterling job indeed.

The total was creeping up thanks to hard graft at the crease, to continue the positive work were Gus and Sam. Yet another pair that were to bat well communicating with each other in the middle. Gus played the shot of the day leaning his weight over the ball playing an effortless leg sided drive splitting the fielders. Sam replied to Gus’ great start with some shots of his own, yet another player getting on the front foot early to get bat on ball. Sam was able to find gaps in the outfield frustrating the opposition skipper who continued to move his fielders around in desperation.

12 overs down and Gresford had maintained their lead. Finishing off the innings was left to Sid and Josh. Loosing just the one wicket in their 4 overs the pair yet again showed grit and determination to see Gresford over the finish line. Josh was quick behind his crease as he adjusted time after time to connect with three thundering 4s on the leg side, finishing the innings off with 13 runs topping the batting table for the evening.Sid played a dazzling support role using all the shots in his book to manoeuvre the ball around, cut shots, drives and leg sided glances were just some of the tactics used to rotate the strike, dealing with some tricky bowling.

Gresford finished on 256 runs making for a great start to the season. Winning the game by 45 runs. The highlight of the game was the bowling performance taking 13 wickets and bowling just 6 wides was wonderful to watch well done boys.

Player of the match-

Tough decision where all a valid reason to receive the award. But due to some amazing, athletic wicket keeping and T20 style batting Josh Tifase takes the first honours of the season.



Name Squad number Position Runs Dismissed Wickets Overs bowled Runs conceded